HEALTHCARE ENTERPRISE: CareAll Provides In-Home Care for Many as Need for Home Healthcare Grows
HEALTHCARE ENTERPRISE: CareAll Provides In-Home Care for Many as Need for Home Healthcare Grows | Home Health, CareAll, J.W. Carell, Rand Corporation, Fall Prevention, Disease Management, Enteral Feedings, Ostomy Care, Geriatrics, Baby Boomers, Senior Health
The ancient poet Pliny the Elder coined the phrase “Home is where the heart is.” 

Increasingly, as the delivery of medicine changes, it’s become clear that home is also where the healthcare is.


Increased Demand, Home Health Solution

By 2020, it is estimated that the more than 50 million Americans who are 65 or older will represent 17 percent of the entire population ... a statistic that continues to grow.

Predictions are that as those numbers increase, they will be exacerbated by a decreasing number of physicians and nurses, and a hospital system whose resources will fall short of the demand led by a tsunami of aging baby boomers.

To manage increasing demand and limited inpatient resources, the scientists and futurists at The Rand Corporation, a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis, have said, “Advances in home healthcare products and services are attractive, promising, and perhaps even necessary, solutions to mitigate the current pressure on the healthcare system while improving the patients’ well-being beyond the physiological parameters of disease control.”

The Rand study showed home health technology isn’t limited to self-monitoring devices, such as glucose meters. “Home healthcare and self management devices and services span a broad spectrum.  Depending on the interpretation of the terminology, they can include everything from mobility support tools to basic diagnostic and therapeutic tools to telemedicine solutions and care delivered by home healthcare professions,” the study stated. 



Nashville-based CareAll, whose motto is “Where being home is feeling better,’ has stepped up to the challenge of providing onsite healthcare by offering service in three primary areas: home health, private duty nursing and personal services.

CareAll employs a wide range of trained and credentialed staff with prior hands-on experience in a variety of healthcare settings.  Whether the case requires the skilled services of a nurse, either RN or LPN, the evaluation and treatment of a therapist, personal care services, or housekeeping skills from a caregiver or aid, CareAll works to meet patient needs in the home. 

To ensure confidence in clients, all employees working through CareAll have been thoroughly screened before being employed. Through mandatory background checks and random drug screenings, CareAll ensures that the safety and care of patients remains at the highest levels.

J.W. Carell, chairman and founder of CareAll Home, has been in the home healthcare arena since 1985. Through those years he has seen significant changes in patient health and everyday living.

“When it comes to healthcare, people want to feel comfortable. Home is the place where they really want to be,” he said in a recent television interview.

You might recognize the CareAll name from their television advertisements featuring  cheerful octogenarian twins, Pinky and Bluey, who are satisfied CareAll clients and proud to tell it. Pinky calls Bluey the “little energizer Bunny” … or is it the other way around?

“At CareAll, we’ve been serving patients for more than 20 years — and you can be sure that we’ll always be here, offering patients the ability to heal in the comfort of their own home,” Carell continued.

The company has obviously met a need. Since opening, they have doubled their revenue every two years and currently have 1,000 employees working from their 29 locations across the state. 

“We are always recruiting and training future employees,” Carell said, “I expect that we will have 2,000 employees in the next three years.”

He pointed out, “Through the years, I have seen significant changes in our patient health needs every day. We have learned how to deal with the needs of each one — from  ‘crack babies’ who need care 24-hours-a-day to elderly patients recovering from a fall or surgery — and everyone in between.”

He continued, “What we are looking for in our employee family are caring people who bond with their patients and their patients’ families and almost become part of the family.”

Carell added, “We have been willing to provide education and train our employees because we realize that the market is not going to give us enough staff who meet our standards, and to meet those standards, we will need to train employees ourselves.” 

The company offers online training programs and in some cases pays for LPN/RN graduates to get their master’s degrees in their field.

The CareAll program provides nurses, who coordinate all services ordered by a patient’s physician and communicate regularly with the physician. They are expected to keep informed with current technologies, procedures and skills. Often these skills include competency in complete physical assessments, disease management and education, lab work, enteral feedings care and instructions, IV therapy, catheters, injections, wound care, diabetic care and instructions, pain management, diet instructions, ostomy care, and comprehensive medication management and education.

CareAll also offers a range of assistance programs from free tax preparation advice to fall prevention interventions. With more than 1,000 home visits each day, CareAll provides a viable solution to meet the needs of their clients, all while allowing those patients to stay home where their heart is.