Reactions by Major Healthcare Organizations



Significant Barriers to Physician Participation in ACOs Must Be Addressed 



March 31, 2011 ... “The AMA will fully review the proposed rule CMS has released on Medicare Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and the FTC-DOJ draft statement of policy also released today. ACOs offer great promise for improving care coordination and quality while reducing cost, but only if all physicians who wish to are able to lead and participate in them. For this to happen, significant barriers must be addressed, including the large capital requirements to fund an ACO and to make required changes to an individual physician's practice, existing antitrust rules and conflicting federal policies.
“The AMA made recommendations to CMS on how to make it possible for physicians in all practice sizes and settings to successfully lead and participate in ACOs, including flexible requirements for ACO structure, transitional steps for ACO formation, increased access to loans and grants for small practices, easing of antitrust restrictions, and timely access to quality data.
“The AMA looks forward to working with the Administration to develop physician-led new models of patient care.” - 
Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD, Speaker, American Medical Association House of Delegates




March 31, 2011 ... “The formation of ACOs has the potential to greatly improve the coordination of care received by Medicare beneficiaries, and offers the promise of safer, more efficient and effective care. The complexity of the program as proposed is significant. With multiple agencies proposing rules on the same topic, physician practices need to thoroughly examine how participation in ACOs may affect their practice operations. MGMA and our members will develop specific feedback to CMS and the other agencies to ensure that any overly restrictive or administratively burdensome requirements are addressed so this well-intended concept can become a practical reality." - William F. Jessee, MD, FACMPE, MGMA President & CEO